With our first E-bikes now in the wild, we thought it was time we gave an in depth look at the new Genesis Smithfield and Columbia Road models.

You may recognise the classic styling from the original namesakes but with the addition of Shimano’s exceptional STEPS motors, these are an entirely new proposition.

Designed by our experienced team here in Britain, we’ve kept cues that made the Smithfield and Columbia Road such great bikes to look at.

Our Mjolnir steel frame and distinctive split top tube give a unique look and wonderful ride, characteristic of a town bike that is equally at home in the country.

Frame design differs between the two models, with a dropped top-tube on the Columbia Road model creating a step-through frame design, making it easier to get into the saddle. The Smithfield uses a traditional height top-tube.


At the heart of both models is Shimano’s excellent STEPS 6100 motor. E-bikes have and will continue to transform cycling and personal transport, allowing you to ride further, for less effort and in more comfort than before.

Quiet, reliable and smooth, the STEPS system will assist you all the way up to 25km/h, making light of headwinds, steady inclines and steep pitches.

The assistance you receive is in your hands with one of three settings to select, from the frugal Eco option, right up to a powerful Boost mode.

With a range of up to 150km in Eco mode, there’s no need to be conservative on shorter journeys, with plenty of power and a clear battery display to guide you.

Charging is fast and convenient, taking just two hours to reach 80% from empty – or four hours to achieve full capacity once again.

The battery also has a long lifespan, with no significant power loss after 1000 charge cycles.


Both bikes have been designed with practicality in mind – and at Genesis this means a focus on comfort, versatility and of course the ability to tackle mixed terrain.

The wide 2.0-inch tyres deliver good puncture protection, great comfort on road and across cobbles, along with the ability to ride on towpaths and gravel tracks.

Colour matched mudguards keep you splash-free, and Atranvelo racks – to which you can attach a range of bags, baskets and crates – are perfect for small shopping trips and ride essentials alike.

Front and rear lights are also included with the bike and if you’re leaving the Smithfield outside the shops, the attached Trelock ring lock system is the perfect solution. Just add your preferred cable for maximum security.

Both the Smithfield and Columbia Road are finished with high quality and durable Shimano components.

Hydraulic disc brakes provide assured stopping power in all conditions, while a single-chainring, 9-speed drivetrain provides uncomplicated shifting across a wide range of gears.

To complete the package, we stand behind the durability of our Smithfield frame with a lifetime warranty.

Like what you see? Discover the Smithfield and Columbia Road here