When it comes to highlighting the climate emergency, our friend Joffrey Maluski could have chosen to superglue himself to a busy road… but instead, he had the infinitely more sensible idea of building a raft out of 600 plastic bottles.

He then grabbed his Genesis Vagabond and towed the raft from Biarritz to Tarbes, with the idea of launching the vessel along the Adour river and paddling the route back to Anglet.

This route traced the waste cycle from the mountains back to the ocean, with the now upcycled plastics put to better use than is often the case.

Joffrey’s trip – which he completed in partnership with Loïc Forques – will be documented in full as part of a film on the theme of plastic pollution and the environment.

In the meantime we’ll share a few pictures from the adventure thanks to Umber Studio.

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We think this may be the largest item a Genesis bike has ever transported. Got something to rival this? Get in touch.

Loading the bikes up, it was soon time for the moment of truth...

She floats!