have given the Genesis Equilibrium a glowing four-star review – branding it a corker! 

Praised for a smooth ride, tyre clearance, mudguard compatibility and classic looks, reviewer Stu Kerton enjoyed his time on board our latest model.

“If you want a comfortable, relaxing ride, from a bike that can deliver the speed when you want it, the Equilibrium is a very good choice.”

That’s good news because it’s exactly what we were going for with this bike. It’s also a story that hasn’t changed over the last 10-years, when Stu reviewed one of the early incarnations of the Equilibrium.

Back then he rated it as 9/10, praising many of the same features and although there have been a few updates since, the character of our Equilibrium remains the same.

Here at Genesis, building bikes that will stand the test of time is something we are hugely proud of – hopefully our latest model will be just as relevant in 10-years’ time!

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