BikeRadar have awarded the Genesis Tour de Fer 30 a rare five-star review, labelling it as the utilitarian dream – and who are we to argue?!

Our ultimate long distance touring bike built to take on crossing countries and continents won praise for its specification and ride quality.

“From the first pedal turn, there’s a stability and a purpose about this bike that the 15.6kg overall weight helps supply.

“It doesn’t feel heavy though, it’s nimble and handles extremely well. Not once did it feel twitchy or unpredictable regardless of how much or little weight was hanging off it.”

Details including the threaded bottom bracket shell, full length guards, racks and dynamo lights also caught the eye of the BikeRadar tech team.

The simple and serviceable spec-sheet drew praise for staying true to the course of dependability and ease of servicing wherever you might be in the world.

“…every last component on this bike is pitched at long-term high mileage and ease of servicing.

“Spare brake cables are easier to carry than bleed kits for hydraulic systems, and to service the headset you only need an Allen key to remove the stem.

“The steel frameset is chosen for much the same reason. Should the worst happen, you have a chance that a welding shop anywhere in the world might be able to get it running again. Try that with aluminium, titanium or carbon…”

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