Cyclist magazine have praised the Genesis Fugio 30, handing down a 4.5-star review and enjoying their ride on our flagship gravel bike.

Naturally, they had to comment on the colour as well – especially when the Fugio looks this good! Their verdict?


“The epitome of what makes gravel riding so fun, all wrapped up in a keenly priced, in your face paint package.”

In both appearance and ride character, the Fugio took reviewer James Spender back to the early days of mountain biking in style and substance.

“The Fugio feels like I remember my first mountain bikes felt – zippy thanks to the steel, and robust, but still you’ll know about it if you ride with stiff limbs and locked joints. You need to move as one with a rigid bike over bumpy terrain – you are the bike’s limiting factor and you are its primary suspension.”

Thankfully, it was assessed that durability wouldn’t be one of the bikes limiting factors.

“I can’t see anyone coming close to breaking a Fugio. This thing feels – to borrow another well-worn phrase from the 1990s – bomb proof. I’d go as far as to say you could go at it with a hammer and it would still get up and bite the behind of the nearest trail.”


Should the worst happen, the Fugio 30 is backed by our lifetime warranty – just don’t go hitting it with a hammer to try and test the strength and instead please take our word for it!

You can read Cyclist’s full review of the Fugio 30 here – or view the complete details of our funventure machine here.