BikeRadar have awarded the all-new Genesis Smithfield a four-star review, praising our first E-bike for providing a smooth, lively ride.

We designed the Smithfield to be the perfect bike for town and country, versatile enough to go from tarmac to towpath and with enough range to let you explore further.

Thankfully BikeRadar agreed when they tested the Smithfield’s abilities.

“The Smithfield really is a high-quality commuting package, offering everything you need for riding to work, doing the shopping, or embarking on trekking weekends away. 

“The ride is smooth and comfortable, and the handling is steady and easy, while not being dull. I admit that I’m sold on its classic looks and super finish.

“Most at home on long commutes, and not just on tarmac, its impressive range and comfort opens up byways, towpaths and bike paths for more relaxed rides to work.”


You can read BikeRadar’s full review of the Genesis Smithfield here.

Need more details? Check out our product pages for the Smithfield and its open-framed stablemate, the Columbia Road.