1. Explore Series 003: Cambrian Mountains

    Explore Series 003: Cambrian Mountains

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  2. Lazer's new Vento road helmet is fast and comfortable. Accept no compromises.

    Lazer's new Vento road helmet is fast and comfortable. Accept no compromises.

    Aerodynamics has probably been the defining trait of road cycling ever since Greg LeMond beat Laurent Fignon on the final stage of the Tour de France in 1989. Going faster stopped simply being about beating the wind, it became about cheating the wind, and that's progressed from just time trails onto road stages, with road racers everywhere trying to figure out how to get a few seconds faster - or save a few watts - anywhere they can.  Lazer's new Vento road helmet follows that lead, designed to be fastest at a 15 degree angle in a sprint position it's Lazer's fastest road helmet ever and currently on the heads of Team Jumbo Visma in the pro peloton.  You might think that a helmet this fast would be warm, right? Well no, actually. With 13 vents, the Vento uses Lazer's Venturi Effect Ventilation System to draw cool air through the front of the helmet and channel warm air out the rear.  One other innovation on the Vento  is the new ScrollSys retention

  3. Genesis Smithfield BikeRadar review

    Genesis Smithfield BikeRadar review

    BikeRadar have awarded the all-new Genesis Smithfield a four-star review, praising our first E-bike for providing a smooth, lively ride. We designed the Smithfield to be the perfect bike for town and country, versatile enough to go from tarmac to towpath and with enough range to let you explore further.Thankfully BikeRadar

  4. Joeffrey Maluski highlights plastic waste and pollution on Plastiqu'Adour expedition

    Joeffrey Maluski highlights plastic waste and pollution on Plastiqu'Adour expedition

    When it comes to highlighting the climate emergency, our friend Joffrey Maluski could have chosen to superglue himself to a busy road… but instead, he had the infinitely more sensible idea of building a raft out of 600 plastic bottles.He then grabbed his Genesis Vagabond and towed the raft from Biarritz to Tarbes, with the idea of launching the vessel along the Adour river and paddling the route back to Anglet.

  5. Pyrenees C2C x BAC

    Pyrenees C2C x BAC

    A ride of 750km to take in 27 cols and every iconic Pyrenees climb on a coast-to-coast route – that sounds like a recipe for adventure to us! It’s exactly the trip that Aaron and the British Adventure Collective crew were inspired to take on earlier this year. Aboard an assortment of Datums and Croix de Fers, the quartet set off from the sea near Biarritz, with seven days of riding in store before reaching the coast just outside of Perpignan. We join Aaron as he recollects a particularly steep slope in the Basque Country, where he picks up the story of his adventure.

  6. BikeRadar award Tour de Fer five-star review

    BikeRadar award Tour de Fer five-star review

    BikeRadar have awarded the Genesis Tour de Fer 30 a rare five-star review, labelling it as the utilitarian dream – and who are we to argue?! Our ultimate long distance touring bike built to take on crossing countries and continents won praise for its specification and ride quality.

  7. Explore Series 002: Gravelfoyle

    Explore Series 002: Gravelfoyle

    For Explore Series 002 Adam Blythe and Monica Dew head to the gravel-riding Mecca Aberfoyle. Affectionately known as Gravelfoyle, they set off on a two-day adventure on board the Genesis Fugio and Croix de Fer, finishing their journey at a distillery.Want more? Check out Explore Series 001: Lake District. 

  8. BikeRadar crew take on the Dirty Reiver

    BikeRadar crew take on the Dirty Reiver

    The BikeRadar Gravel Diaries trio are back - and this time they are taking on 200km of the UK's best gravel riding at the 2021 Dirty Reiver. Riding on board the Fugio 30 and the Croix de Fer 50, Felix Smith, Robyn Furtado and Jack Luke enjoy one of Britain's biggest gravel events, pedalling through the best doubletrack that Kielder Forest has to offer.  Sit back, grab a brew or a beer and enjoy their story of fun and a little bit of pain in the latest episode. 

  9. Introducing: Our first E-bikes

    Introducing: Our first E-bikes

    With our first E-bikes now in the wild, we thought it was time we gave an in depth look at the new Genesis Smithfield and Columbia Road models. You may recognise the classic styling from the original namesakes but with the addition of Shimano’s exceptional STEPS motors, these are an entirely new proposition. Designed by our experienced team here in Britain, we’ve kept cues that made the Smithfield and Columbia Road such great bikes to look at.

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