Aerodynamics has probably been the defining trait of road cycling ever since Greg LeMond beat Laurent Fignon on the final stage of the Tour de France in 1989. Going faster stopped simply being about beating the wind, it became about cheating the wind, and that's progressed from just time trails onto road stages, with road racers everywhere trying to figure out how to get a few seconds faster - or save a few watts - anywhere they can. 

Lazer's new Vento road helmet follows that lead, designed to be fastest at a 15 degree angle in a sprint position it's Lazer's fastest road helmet ever and currently on the heads of Team Jumbo Visma in the pro peloton. 

You might think that a helmet this fast would be warm, right? Well no, actually. With 13 vents, the Vento uses Lazer's Venturi Effect Ventilation System to draw cool air through the front of the helmet and channel warm air out the rear. 

One other innovation on the Vento  is the new ScrollSys retention system. Using the same head cradling effect as the Rollsys - where the mechanism tightens progressively around the head rather than forcing the forehead into the front of the helmet - it's now actuated using a track pad at the rear of the lid. It's easily operated with one hand and equally easy to use wearing gloves or without. 

And of course, the Vento uses KinetiCore, Lazer's own rotational impact technology that not only makes helmets safer but also improves airflow and decreases weight (and material used). It really is the best of all worlds. 

If you fancy taking the leap and grabbing one of the most advanced helmets available today, you can check out the Vento right here on Freewheel. Or if you're after a road helmet at a slightly lower price that still has all the benefits of KinetiCore technology, there's the Strada that retails at just £99.99