I have lost count of the number of forum threads I have read about people complaining that racing mountain bikes in the Uk seems to be focused very much in the south when it comes to venue selection… well people have sat up and took notice and it seems that riders have taken matters into their own hands and started putting on events in the north.. Especially it seems in the North Wes..

The Third Installment

April 7th, 2009

Being friends with Richard Rothwell is a double edged sword... on the one hand I get to draw from years of riding experience, depth of knowledge when it comes to great spots to ride, I get to know someone who is always up for big days of riding.. The flipside to this positive is the negative that he’s faster and lighter than me which means I invariably whilst getting all these pos..

When I first heard about singlespeed riding like most people I reacted with the ‘what’s the point??’ attitude.. why limit in my view then where and what you could ride.. surely you were just limiting the fun?? I then met a few guys riding them.. was still not convinced but had a spare geared bike.. had a need for a very cheap to run bike as I was ..

Road Trip!!! Isle of Skye

March 8th, 2009

With a spare weekend i had to fill it with a road trip... Isle of Skye has been given some amazing reviews so why not.. The plan was simple.. leave midnight Thursday.. get there for about 8am to give me full day to ride and look around.. then ride saturday and come home sunday... i was open minded as to the riding i would find there i was just more concerned about getting some map reading pract..

A whole month

March 8th, 2009

...since my last post. very slack on my part but not as i have been lazy or had nothing to blog about.. the exact opposite.. i have been training and riding every minute spare. With so much riding comes all the associated prep time... cleaning of kit, cleaning of bikes, fixing of bikes etc etc etc anyone that rides or does any similar activity knows that to get in a good 2 hour session usual..

Hit the North 1.5

February 8th, 2009

Most races these days take meticulous planning and organisation... they usually involve a few hours drive and having to carry everything you may need just in case so when a race drops onto your doorstep even if it isn't your prefered distance then it would be foolish to turn down the chance to put a number on and stretch the legs.. The Hit the North race was a 2 hour affair... set on a short 3 ..