Set 2 Rise 2009

May 27th, 2009

This season as racing goes has been a bit up in the air… I started my training plan back in October with a view to peak around about now for Wildboar 24 then later in the year when I naturally seem to go better. When I heard that Wildboar 24 had been cancelled this was a bit of a blow as it effectively meant I would waste a good period of fitness and a lot of work would have gone ..
No matter at what level of this sport you are at… the occasional racer or the professional cyclist you can never escape occasionally having a bad day on the bike.. It can be a combination of many things but the end result is always the same… a depressingly poor performance. After riding the Colne Valley Challenge last weekend on the SS I was feeling pretty strong.....
With Wildboar 24 now cancelled my racing season started to look a little light… finances are preventing me from travelling big distances and my summer trip hangs in the balance with the destination slowly creeping closer to home to reduce the outlay.. With this bleak outlook I was desperate to get out and get a number on my bike again… quick flick through the usual f..
... 250 miles already ridden.. been on my bike for 23 hours and Rich (Holland) tells me that he read somewhere that to be a cyclist is to be a 'student of pain'.. Reflecting on this statement it is clearly true... i was told not long after i started cycling that it never gets any easier.. so now i am a student of pain with the knowledge that it is only gonna get worse!! About 6 months after ..

A match made for adventure

April 15th, 2009

From the offset of my new sponsorship with Genesis it was always going to be an unconventional approach to running a team of riders… without a race bike in the lineup it is obvious that Genesis Bikes are looking elsewhere when they draw inspiration for their machines… this inspiration comes from good honest riding.. long trails.. getting out there and enjoying..
I have lost count of the number of forum threads I have read about people complaining that racing mountain bikes in the Uk seems to be focused very much in the south when it comes to venue selection… well people have sat up and took notice and it seems that riders have taken matters into their own hands and started putting on events in the north.. Especially it seems in the North Wes..