Day One Cross Disc for Howies

Day One Cross Disc for Howies

Here are some pics of a prototype Day One Cross Disc, this particular one is destined for Ade at Howies who is going to put some mileage into it. It's basically a disc specific verison of our popular Day 1 Cross singlespeed bike. Lovely clean lines and the perfect bike for a 2 hour Sunday blast down bridleways, woodland trails and coutry lanes.

I like Howies and I've been wearing their stuff for a few years, they do great denim and even greater Merino. They're are a nice business who do things the right way and make people think.

Like the good people at Howies, I too love the outdoors, it keeps me grounded and makes me feel grateful to be living. I love it when it's warm, I love it when it's cold, I even love being out in the pouring rain. It's important that we all look after the world around us so that people can continue to enjoy it.  By riding bikes we can all do our bit!

Happy riding Ade.







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