Fortitude 29er - 4th place at Nevis Off road Triathlon.

Fortitude 29er - 4th place at Nevis Off road Triathlon.

So far we have only shown the Fortitude 29er in its singlespeed outfit, but here are a few pictures of one built with standard gearing, in this instance Shimano XT 2 x 10.

I built it up for Jim McConnel who raced it at the Big Nevis Triathlon whick took place at Ben Nevis, Fort William on Septmeber 10th.

The mountain bike part of the race was a 90KM off road ride, so a perfect testing ground for the Fortitude under race conditions.

Jim managed to finish in an impressive 4th place!! A total time of 8 hours 13 minutes. Well done Jim lad.

He usually rides a lightweight 26 inch hardtail equipped with a 100mm suspension fork, but he said that despite the fact the course was technical in places, the rigid fork combined with big wheels, sorted geometry and a forgiving steel frame meant he found it easy to carry speed and felt it was noticeably faster than his suspended normal ride. He wants one!

Anyway here's Jim with the bike a bit closer to home on leafy Wandsworth common:








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