Simon's Fortitude Adventure in the Cheviot Hills

Simon's Fortitude Adventure in the Cheviot Hills

Genesis fan Simon Chandler posted up a few pics on our Facebook page about his Fortitude Adventure trip to the middle of the Cheviot hills. We loved the sound of a Fortitude powering through the Cheviot's so we asked Simon if he could send us over some pics for the wbesite and he kindly provided us with a nice little blog to go with them.

Thanks, Simon!


"Back in the day I cut my teeth on a fully rigid, early nineties Cannondale. There is something about the simplicity of those early years of my mountain bike life that has never left me. At the time I knew no better, I rushed out with my hard saved money to buy some elastomer sprung forks guaranteed to give me a better ride, I was on my way. When the Cannondale got nicked I saw my chance for self advancement and plunged into the work of full suspension. In 1997 that meant a Marin Mount Vision. It served me well, mile upon mile, but all the time there was something missing. Now fast forward to a time when the Marin is just a tired frame hanging in the shed and I ride an “All Mountain” rig. Not so many mountains round here but we’ll overlook that for now.

Chance was to blame really; idle time, the internet and Spring just around the corner led me to the Genesis website where I found the Fortitude video...I was hooked.
So I took my new Fortitude Adventure to play in the middle of the Cheviot hills in Northumberland with some friends, the MuddyBums. As you can imagine there was a lot of interest in how I would cope riding fully rigid in this often challenging landscape. Well here's how it went.

We started with a climb onto the Border Ridge and the summit of Windy Gyle. That was hard going on steep rain softened moorland track. Meeting the Pennine Way at the top meant fast rolling on granite slabs - those 29ers made it easy to ride out the bumps and head for shelter from the 30mph gusts.

Heading down the bridleway was a blast , the bike is so quick at eating up the fire road, you just have to go as fast as you can, there is no other option.

It doesn't get better than this. One of the most beautiful valleys in Northumberland with stunning singletrack beside the burn, through Spooky Wood and up onto the side of Barrowburn.

Finally, pausing to catch a breath, almost in sight of the tearoom just enjoying being here.

Says it all, time for a cuppa before the clean up. I feel that I’m connected with the trails again, it’s an elemental thing and it feels good. So for me it’s a job well done guys, thanks so much for my bike!"

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