Mudguards & Tyres for your Genesis Cross bike

Mudguards & Tyres for your Genesis Cross bike

We're often asked  what mudguards & tyres you can fit to the Day 01 & Croix de Fer range. There are undoubtedly many options, but here's what we've been using on our own bikes.


With the standard 700x35C Continental Speed king Cross Tyre we've fitted a set of SKS_P50_Chromoplastic full length guards, with good results. For any of the current products on the market you'll need to source a longer bolt & spacer and strategically bend the Disc side stay ever so slightly to allow clearance of the disc calliper (see images below). We'd advise that any fitment of guards is carried out by your Genesis Dealer, who will also be well placed to advise on sourcing the required bolt & spacer. The outcome is a neat & tidy factory look fitment ... that will keep you in the saddle for longer over the Winter).



Next up its tyres! You can go bigger than those fitted, but clearance & mudguard fitment then becomes somewhat more trial & error ..... so always check with your Dealer before purchasing.

We've not tried those listed below with guards, but we know they allow sufficient clearance that they'll happily clear the stays & fork crown.

  • Cross Use - Continental Cyclocross Speed Up To 700x42C
  • Commuting - Continental Contact OR Top Contact 700x42C (With Mudguards consider using 700x37C)



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