Genesis Volare 953

Genesis Volare 953

When Reynolds quietly introduced 953 back in late 2005, it replaced 853 as their flagship steel alloy. Little did the cycle industry at the time know that this new material would completely reshape the way we view steel in frame production and its’ performance-use credentials. In 953, Reynolds had produced a steel tubeset to trump Titanium (even 6AL-4V).

Banish those 80’s-based misconceptions of steel as an old school, heavy, flexy material, this is the new benchmark in high-end steel tubing. How so? 953’s unparalleled UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength) of 1750-2050 MPa results in a superior strength to weight ratio, enabling Reynolds, in combination with oversize tube profiles, to draw very thin walled tubes (down to 0.3mm in places) and give an overall frame weight comparable to that of Titanium (circa 1600-1700g for 54cm).

To give you a bit of perspective Reynolds’ former flagship 853 steel alloy has a UTS of 1250-1400 MPa, 7075-T6 (heat treated) aluminium - 510–538 Mpa and premium Grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V Titanium – 900-1150 Mpa.

The liveliness and legendary smooth riding properties of steel combined with unrivalled durability and longevity (superior strength, high impact and corrosive resistance) and the stiffness of aluminium.


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