All-new Latitude 853 frame for 2011

All-new Latitude 853 frame for 2011

The Latitude (think Altitude, but a bit different..) is our steel and ti Trail / XC frame, redesigned for 2011.

For the 2011 853 frames, we’ve worked extensively with Reynolds to offer a unique tube set that is strong enough to handle 140mm travel forks without gusseting – it passed the CEN test by a margin of more than twice the test cycles as did our previous 853 frame, but without gussets and with a more refined, comfortable overall frame feel. The new Latitude is the most refined and future-proof steel frame we have made yet.

New 853 ‘DZB’ main tubes - The new frame uses Reynolds 853 DZB (Dual Zone Butting) triple butted tubes – both top and down tube use additional wall thickness in the area close to the head tube to increase fatigue strength over the previous tubes. We’ve been able to use slimmer tube sections as well as a bit less material overall in the rest of the tubes to add strength without adding the weight of gussets or larger tubes. The seat tube is 631 which allows us to use a 631 headtube at no extra cost, keeping strength high where we need it most.

XX44 / 631 headtube - Tapered steerer forks are becoming more common and for the type of technical trail riding our frames are suited to they offer real advantages. We’ve use the stock 631 tube material from Reynolds to make a 44mm ID headtube that is unique to Genesis bikes – designed for the new XX44 headset standard as well as increasing fatigue life when welded to the 853 DZB top and down tubes.

Top tube shape - All this added durability at the front of the bike has meant we have been able to make the most of the opportunities created by using a larger, 631 head tube. While the down tube diameter remains the same as before, the top tube can now be wider in the horizontal plane to add stability, ie avoiding excess ‘wobble’ or flex under steering / cornering loads, without adding to the overall diameter or loosing strength. This is ideal when combined with taper steerer, bolted axle forks – it’s stiff to lean into a corner but the frame has a softer, more comfortable overall feel over rough ground. The top tube uses a wider, flatter section in the front half that tapers and reduces to a 28.6mm round section at the seat tube, giving the frame a laterally stiff front end while also adding some flex to the seat cluster area.

Stays – 2x10 chain sets are great but the chain-line and ring sizes mean they may not fit all frames, especially those with good mud clearance. We now use a plate design for an asymmetric chainstay that is fully compatible with all double MTB chainsets. The chain and seat stays are now heat-treated Cr-Mo so we’ve added strength to the chainstays and reduced the diameter of the seatstays to add compliance and work with the slimmer rear section of the top tube.

The 853 Latitude is now ED coated internally to avoid rust, as well as having a replaceable gear hanger. The geometry has had a minor revision that works even better with the new generation of 120mm forks. The head angle is just ½ degree slacker than before and the front centre is around ½” longer. It’s a subtle change, but one that’s made quite a difference to the overall feel of the bike when combined with the tube changes we’ve made. All-in-all, the frame is riding better than we imagined.

Available now at £399.99 RRP frame-only, or a complete bike at £1599.99

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