Genesis 2018 // Urban

Day One, Skyline, Bridge

Some people are lucky enough to do something that they love for a living, but for the majority work is a means to an end. A necessity. You go to work, do your job, get paid and go home. Sometimes it can be good and sometimes it can be bad.

One thing we know that helps, is riding your bike to work instead of taking a car. Ok, sometimes you’ll be at the mercy of the British weather, but a decent set of mudguards and a bag of dry clothes can sort that out.

Cycling is good for the soul, it helps clear your mind. You could continue to be part of the four-wheeled traffic, or deal with people invading your space on public transport, but why would you choose that over a dose of fresh air and the wind in your hair?

Our range of urban bikes offers a broad choice of styles and specifications, perfect for anything from the daily commute to a spot of weekend shopping.

Join the growing number of people that choose the bicycle as their principal mode of transport.

The Day One LTD brings all the associated benefits of the Day One 20 along with rear rack and full dynamo lighting.

Returning a similar range to a conventional double setup (30-92 gear inches, with a whole lot of useable range in between) the Day One LTD is the ideal low-maintenance workhorse for those wanting to perhaps carry moderate loads efficiently and comfortably over undulating landscapes. It's a supremely versatile bike - we've even seen them geared down (via a simple and affordable sprocket change out back) and handle some pretty demanding expeditions with aplomb. Along with full length mudguards it also features a Tubus rear rack, B&M Luxos U IQ2 front light w/USB charge point and a B&M Secula Plus tail light.

Weight: 14.36kg (Medium w/o Pedals)

DAY ONE 20 - £949.99

Day One 20

The Day One 20 brings all the associated benefits of singlespeed riding with it's single, ultra-efficient optimised chainline and adds the practicality of Shimano's Nexus 8sp internal geared hub with its' wide-range gearing and sealed-from-the-elements drivetrain.

Weight: 13.06kg (Medium w/o Pedals)

One speed to rule them all! With optimised 'just right' gearing (67 gear inches for those curious) that provides a happy medium for urban landscapes, the Day One 10 is perhaps the ideal low-maintenance, simplified daily workhorse for inner city jaunts. We've left ample room for full-length 'guards for year-round, dry bottom commuting, and equipped it with inclement weather-proof disc brakes to ensure confidence-inspiring, stop-on-a-dime braking performance!

Weight: 11.46kg (Medium w/o Pedals)



If you think of hybrids as boring sit-up-and-beg bikes ridden by men in suits with trouser clips, then for the most part you might actually be right. But then you haven’t met the Skyline, a bike that doesn’t use the word hybrid as a placeholder for ‘compromise’.

SKYLINE 30 - £899.99

Skyline 30

Your commute sets you up for the day ahead and how you get there has a lot to do with it! The Skyline 30 is loaded with features to ensure that you get there as stylishly and as comfortably as possible. The riding position is upright and efficient thanks, in part, to some clever geometry that we've learned from our MTB line, and the 3x9 Shimano Acera gearing is perfectly set up for the urban lifestyle. We've added a tough Tubus cargo rack, Shimano hydraulllic disc brakes and an AXA Blueline 30 front and AXA Go steady rear dynamo lights to keep you seen at night.

Weight: 13kg (Medium w/o Pedals)

SKYLINE 20 W - £799.99

Skyline 20

Jump aboard the Skyline 20 W and arrive at work, the pub, the shops or the gym in style. Hills won't slow you down with a 2x9 Sora Shimano drive train. Fitted with full length mudgaurds, womens specific contact points, rack mount bosses, CST Sensamo Speed 35c tyres and Shimano hydraullic disc brakes, you're ready for whatever the city has got to throw at you!

Weight: 12.16kg (Medium w/o Pedals)

SKYLINE 10 - £699.99

Skyline 10

If you’re after something a little less full-on, then the Skyline 20 W and Skyline 10 use the same frame but drop the light and racks to lose a little weight and pack a bit more punch for anyone who’s after a fun, reliable bike for all-weather urban riding.

Taking some geometry inspiration from its fat-tyred cousins in the MTB category, the Skyline 10 is perfect for hammering away from the traffic lights and bombing round street corners. A simplfied 1x9 gear set up,  Promax DSK-300 disc brakes and CST Sensamo Speed 35c tyres with reflective strip sets you up for the daily commute in affordable style.

Weight: 11.86kg (Medium w/o Pedals)



Genesis Bridge

The perfect blend of classic, understated looks combined with the modern, dependable and top performing componentry that we've all come to know and love

SMITHFIELD - £899.99


The Smithfield combines the sturdy reliability of a well-made steel frame with the low-maintenance practicality of an 8spd Shimano internal hubgear and the comfortable 'just get on and ride' accessibility of a flat bar set-up.

Form meets function here in perfect harmony; a newly-developed twin-toptube is a nod to the beautifully constructed frames of yesteryear whilst the powerful, confidence-inspiring mechanical disc brakes add the modern performance required for today's urban environment. Designed to be ridden in non-bike-specific attire with touches like a chainguard, extended, full-length mudguards, rear rack for luggage and accessible compact geometry, the Smithfield is the 'go to' bike for style-conscious urban riders.

Weight: 14.54kg (Medium w/o Pedals)

COLUMBIA RD - £899.99

Columbia Rd

The Columbia Rd combines classic Mixte-inspired frame lines and a low-step through frame with the contemporary performance of modern disc brakes in an eminently practical and stylish package.

To describe the Columbia Road as a 'women's specific' bike would be doing this bike a huge disservice. It's true, the low diagonal toptube design was originally conceived for more flattering riding in skirts/dresses and easier mounts/dismounts (and the Columbia Rd does this very well), but look beyond that and you'll see the ideal, easy-access bicycle for both men and women alike. A reliable, well-made steel frame with the added low-maintenance and practicality of an 8spd Shimano internal hub gear.

Weight: 13.92kg (Medium w/o Pedals)

BRIXTON - £799.99


Hewn from our tried and tested Croix de Fer frame, the Brixton is a robust workhorse designed to take you from A to B with sophistication and comfort.

A dependable 1x9 Shimano Altus mix drivetrain makes it ideal for load-carrying urban errands and we've included practical touches like a portuer front rack, a subtly swept riser bar, full length mudguards, Shimano TX805 mechanical disc brakes and fast rolling, CST Sensamo Speed 700x35c tyres. The perfect blend of classic, understated looks combined with the modern, dependable and top performing componentry that we've all come to know and love. More riding, less fettling; style and substance in harmony.

Weight: 13.64kg (Medium w/o Pedals)

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