Colour and spec updates for selected 2018 bikes

Ahead of the full range announcement in early September, we are pleased to announce the first models from the MY18 range! These bikes are a selection of the core models that have helped to build the reputation for innovation and quality that we are quite rightly proud of. Bikes like the Croix de Fer, which was thrashing around off-road before gravel bikes were cool, and the Vagabond, a bike designed for adventure and exploration.

2018 Genesis Croix de Fer

Croix de Fer

The Genesis Croix de Fer is a bike with a reputation almost as formidable as the climb with which it shares a name. Years of refinements have resulted in a bike that’s ready for almost anything, and for 2018 it keeps the formula that has made it a favourite of adventurous cyclists everywhere. Every model in the steel range gets a fresh look for 2018, while the specs remain the same across the board. While the 20 and 30 are built around a Reynolds 725 steel frameset, the 10 is our own Mjölnir steel or, if you fancy something a little more exotic, there is always the beautiful Croix de Fer Ti, built around a raw titanium frame and the sort of bike that will attract admiring glances wherever you go.

CdF 10 – £999.99 // CdF 20 – £1,299.99 // CdF 30 – £1,799.99 // CdF 725 frameset – £499.99 // CdF Ti – £3,499.99 // CdF Ti frameset – £2,099.99

2018 Croix de Fer 10


2018 Genesis CdA


Whether you’re after the perfect commuter bike or something that will give you on and off-road flexibility, the CDA is a bike that has your back even if that country back road turns into a gravel track or worse.

Keeping the same Shimano Sora and Claris groupset options as last year, both CDA models stay under that £1,000 price point and get a nice little upgrade in the form of Clement X’Plor 40c tyres.

CDA 10 (silver) – £849.99 // CDA 20 (orange) – £949.99

2018 CdA


2018 Genesis Flyer


If you’re after a single speed road bike with a performance edge, or a perfect winter training machine, you won’t find something better equipped than the Flyer. Even better, this year’s Flyer has been given a classic touch, sporting a set of Clement Strada LGG tan wall tyres that bring a touch of old school cool to the party. Those pair very nicely with the new Tarka Green colourway, and combine to make the Flyer one of the most striking single speed options on the market.

Flyer – £749.99

2018 Flyer


2018 Vagabond


Whether you call it Monstercross, Frankenbike or the result of a passionate night between a road and mountain bike, one thing is for sure: the Vagabond is a bike like no other. With a range of gearing that will take you pretty much anywhere, and a set of tyres that can take road, gravel or mud in their stride, the only limit when you’re riding the Vagabond is your imagination. Coming as a complete bike or a beautiful new purple frameset, you can either buy a bike that’ll take you anywhere, or purchase the foundation for your future cycling adventures.

Vagabond - £1,099.99

2018 Vagabond


2018 Genesis Day One

Day One 10

For a lot of people, commuting by bike is about one thing: simplicity. You want a bike that just works, and doesn’t require constant tweaking to keep on the road. The Day One 10 is all about getting you where you need to be with the minimum fuss possible. Straight out of the box it is possibly the ultimate urban machine, with a singlespeed drivetrain, mudguards as standard and a Mjölnir frame that’s so sturdy it’ll be sitting in someone’s shed so far into the future that we will have all started to commute on hoverboards.

Day One 10 – £699.99

2018 Day One 10


All of the bikes listed above are available from your local dealer now with further bikes to be announced in September.


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