Vapour Disc - Commuter to Entry level Racer

Vapour Disc - Commuter to Entry level Racer

The Vapour has been in the range for a few years now, but for 2012 we made a few tweaks and introduced the Disc version. With the UCI becoming accepting of the technology it seemed appropriate. A pretty diverse model which is more than capable of being your Weekday Commuter & Weekend Racer, particularly If you're limited on how many bikes you own!

As part of our continued testing programme there's no better way to find out how it rides in race conditions than get out there and try it... so we've sent one highly athletic competitive 17 year old out with a Prototype Vapour Disc. We're delighted that this week Ed put himself and the bike on the Podium in only its 3rd event. 

Ed's Report from 2nd Round of the Central Cyclocross League - Hitchin

"Sunday saw the second round of the Central Cyclocross league and much cooler conditions welcomed us this week, albeit much windier with cross winds pulling parts of the course down.

The course this week lacked the longer climbs but had plenty of short sharp banks with multiple switchback turns throughout. As well as this there were a couple of longer flat drags each with a hairpin at the end.

I was once again called out for a front row position on the grid, from the start I went out pretty hard but sat in at second for a few hundred meters. Then I pulled the pace up and moved to the front.  The first lap was spent leading the train before two riders made a break, coming past and putting a significant gap on the pack. By this time there was no one else in sight and I thought I had third wrapped up.

I kept the pace high and running tubeless tyres for the first time this week handling was even more impressive so I could run low pressures and really throw the bike into the corners harder without losing grip.

As the race went on I lost concentration once or twice and a loss in concentration in Cross race means a crash, once going through a sand pit and once up to a set of hurdles. I climbed back on the bike I chased hard to the finish taking third in Seniors".

So a few events in and Ed's & the Vapour's Cyclocross season is off to a strong start, and other than tweaking the tyre set-up to tubeless its all been done with production components.

Next Race takes place Sunday 16th October at Hemel Hempstead.



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