Trail Time - High Latitude 2x10

Trail Time - High Latitude 2x10

We don't have many dealers outside the UK but those we do have dotted around mainland Europe tend to be a cut above the rest - rider focused/owned and 100% behind the brand and the bikes. With the new High Latitude's touching down a few weeks' ago Vincent from Cycles des Albères, based just south of Perpignan (on the border with Spain) and has wasted no time at all in getting some trail time in with the 2x10 model. Now, at this point I'd like to point out that given the state of our local sodden UK trails at the moment, we're in no way jealous of the weather, dust or trails featured in this video (much!)...

Here's what Vincent had to say about the bike...

"This weekend, I took the HIGH LATITUDE 2x10 out for a 47km, 1160m of climbing, 3hour 35 minute ride on downhill enduro type trails near my shop (with lots of stones, very rough and bumpy).

The bike is great. Super comfortable, clears obstacles easily, very stable and easy to handle, safe, crazy grip. I really enjoyed it, I was even surprised on some technical passages that I know well, to go faster and without any apprehension in relation to my full suspension 26". 

Its only flaw, but not from the bike itself, is in very steep and rutted parts where the effort to advance is greater then on a 26 '(hard on the thighs), but it is logical in view of the size of the 29er wheels."

Thanks for the great video and feedback Vincent!

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