The Alps + Fortitude Race = Big Fun

The Alps + Fortitude Race = Big Fun

The fully rigid Fortitude 29er may not be the most logical of bike choices for a riding trip to the Alps. That didn’t deter Italian Foritude Race owner Simone Conradi, nor did it seem to detract from the fun he had judging by the great pics and kind words he shared with us via our Facebook page. No suspension doesn’t necessarily mean no fun…

(words and pics – ©Simone Conradi)

“When I rode first time my Genesis Fortitude I thought that I should have to try it in Alps....usually I ride in Alps with my enduro full suspended bike, but finally this time I was with my Fortitude in Ligurian Alps for a short tour...a rocket! 30 km by 1500 m of cumulated height of which 500 m carring bike in 3 hours! The Fortitude is overall faster than my enduro bike and obviously is slower on downhill, but how much fun on tricky alpine singletracks!

It is simple, fast, clean and silent: with this bike you feel naturally the trail, you hear every nature sounds, you live mountains with the best freedom that a bike can give you.”

There you have it – the very capable, very simplistic and very fun Genesis Fortitude.

Thanks for sharing Simone!

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