New Reynolds tubing & some unbelievable Chris King craft (with video)!

New Reynolds tubing & some unbelievable Chris King craft (with video)!

When I was over In Taiwan recently I had a meeting with Keith and Paul from Reynolds to discuss new tubes and to see what exciting things we could expect in the future. Up to now, stainless wise they have only offered 953 which although very amazing is also very expensive and despite the odd sample we’ve never managed to achieve the price we wanted so it’s always gone onto the back burner. So I was very excited when Keith presented me with an all new stainless tube called Reynolds 931. Basically it has similar material properties to 853 but is stainless and importantly can be easily mated to 953 tubes, meaning a 953 main frame can be welded to 931 seat and chainstays. This means a cheaper stainless bike so I’ll be working on something for the future. Very exciting!!

 The guys from Reynolds had recently returned from the Handmade bike show in the US (Ive always wanted to go, maybe next year) and they were telling me about a frame that Chris King (of headset fame) had built using their stainless tube. They were blown away by the level of man hours and detailing that had gone into this thing, to the point where he had made his own lugs from scratch and integrated his own headset cups into the headtube.

 For all those steel aficionados out there check out the video below. Basically Mr King himself talks you through the build process with pictures showing each stage of the build. Let’s just say there was a few hours filing involved!  It’s about 20 minutes long so grab yourself a nice big mug of tea and check it out:

What I’d give for a home workshop on that scale!

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