At Genesis we're immensely proud of our history and the number of riders we have helped to realise their adventurous dreams over the years. We've helped riders cross continents, break borders and break records and they too have helped show the world the power of the bicycle and human determination.

We're incredibly fortunate to once again be supporting a collection of fantastic like-minded individuals who are helping to tell our story. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us.

We have one man and his dog taking on Europe on a Longitude, an ex-World Tour rider trading the peloton for gravel, a seriously determined Scottish lady and a whole host of fantastic riders representing us this year.


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After a glittering career racing road bikes professionally, Adam has traded it for baggier clothing, wider rims and more wine. The former British champion has been learning a lot about the path less-travelled and although events in 2020 have been cancelled he’s looking forward to taking on rides like the Dirty Reiver! “My favourite bike is the Fugio. Why? It can do everything.”


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“What’s important to me in a bike is its reliability and detail. The Genesis Fugio bike has been the most versatile bike I’ve every owned. There’s a welcoming sense of trying to find the limits of the bikes whether it’s with a pair of 27.5” wheels on mountain bike trails, and fast bunch rides with my 29” wheels. It’s a bike I can’t fault with all aspects being well thought out. The Fugio; simply the bike that does it all.”



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“For me Genesis bikes were for full on racing and speed. I’ve changed to more of an adventure cyclist since stepping away from racing, riding gravel and off-road. I love the Croix de Fer for a very smooth and strong adventure bike. I can go fast on and off-road and stick my little boy on the back too. If I could ride one bike forever, this would always be my choice.”


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You may recognise the name as it was Paul and Aaron who broke a world record in 2017 for cycling through 15 countries in seven days. They have plenty more adventures planned this year, least of all a modified Lands’ End to John O’Groats which would take in every major climb in the UK, totalling 2,500km. The ultimate British adventure.


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Scottish rocket Kerry is a weapon on the mountain bike and the gravel bike. “I won last year’s 3 Peaks on my Vapour and I love it. It’s just the loveliest, smoothest feeling ride. I’m on my Datum now and would have been riding it for this year’s event. It takes elements of the Vapour and other bikes in the Genesis range to create a fantastic race bike.”


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Possibly the most adorable couple in Europe. We’ve worked with Pablo for years as he cycles through countries with his dog Hippie. The two are inseparable and go everywhere together. This year he has traded his Croix de Fer for a Longitude in search of some mountains!