When we first saw the 8-speed Alfine hub with a disc mount, the iO became the iO ID in a matter of days and a new style of UK mud-plugger was born. A few of us here rode them over the winter and loved the low maintenance compromise between a single-speed and a regular geared bike. So I was really pleased to see these pictures that Day One owner Antony Lomas emailed us the other day, of his Day One that has been adapted in the same way. The standard Alfine shifter has been adapted to fit a drop bar and is a simple way to add gears. Click on read more to hear how Antony did it. I've been playing around with a similar set-up for a while as we'll have an Alfine Day One in the range next year.. see more here "Hello, I just thought you might like to see what I've done with my Genesis Day One cross. With an internal hub gear, I thought it would make the ideal commute/touring/training bike. So with a little research, I took the plunge and started. The main problem was how and where to mount the shifter especially being a drop bar. A couple of companies make specific Alfine shifters for drop bar bikes both at a cost. Jtek do a bar end shifter and a company called Versa do an STI Alfine shifter, the VRS8. (this is the shifter used on the Day One we’ve been riding – Genesis) Some people have used a twist grip shifter on the end of the drop bar which isn't in an ideal place for changing gear.My solution was to use the flat bar thumb shifter. The bar is 24.5mm and the shifter is designed to go on a smaller bar but half an hour with a file and it slides on nicely. I took it for a 20+ mile spin with a group on normal road bikes and she kept up well. The range of gears is enough and the silent shifting is effortless. I've kept the cross single speed wheels and it can be changed back within minutes. It has become an even more versatile bike, I have 10 bikes and this will easily cover 80% of the riding I do." Good work… it's also good to hear from someone with as much of a bike addiction as me – 10 bikes?! James