The Equilibrium came out as the best of 4 British-designed road bikes in Cycle Active's recent test. "...the Genesis is a quality machine from top to bottom. Not only is it the best of the Brits, it is hard to think of another sub-£1,000 bike on the market to touch the Equilibrium. Fly the flag." The test also makes a good case for buying British - the big global brands generally off..
Vin Cox is in Bali, Indonesia right now, still on course to gain the 'round the world by bike' world record despite Indian traffic, wheel re-builds and all the other challenges that travelling light with a 100+ mile a day schedule brings.... While we sit in offices or at home reading this, Vin's keeping up a punishing schedule while still finding time to appreciate the journey and the places he pa..
What MTB magazine tested our Core 50 and a dozen other hardtail mountain bikes for their 13-bike £900-1300 group test. They certainly liked the Core - "It didn’t matter which bike we tested it against, as long as there was some properly entertaining techy stuff involved, whoever was riding the Core not only came through first but also grinning the most. ...if you want ..
Another two great write-ups for the Flyer in Cycle Active ('best in test' result) and The Bicycle Buyer magazine - Bicycle Buyer April 2010 Cycle Active April 2010

Altitude Ti on Bike Magic

April 13th, 2010

Bike Magic have had an Altitude Titanium on test for a while - click here to read the report

Reading about the Yak Attack in Paul's report really reminded me of what an amazing place Nepal is - I was lucky to go trekking there a few years ago and have missed the place ever since. What came across in Paul's writing was well emphasised by the images that Col@Alpkit brought back, pictures that got across the friendliness of the people there and the desolate beauty of the countryside. Rea..