Seventeen | Collection


Definitive Steel, Titanium, Carbon and Aluminium bikes for speed, comfort and efficiency on the roads you ride. Perfomance and design blended perfectly in creating our fastest bikes.


A brand new category for 2017 and a range of bikes that seemed an incredibly natural development for us. Steel and carbon used to create two new models in a package that’s raring to let rip at a national CX race or out in the woods with your friends. So, we encourage you to get Cross, Genesis style!


Wide-ranging and tough 700c bikes that cope with country lanes, off-road tracks and long distance paths just as well as they cope with urban sprawl. Carbon and steel crafted with care to create our most versatile range of bikes.


UK-style trail bikes designed to meet the demands of real-world riders with all-round performance and technical capability as priorities. With a variety of frame designs and a host of spec options you'll find the perfect companion to hit the trails and venture out into the wilderness.


Practical, beautiful bikes designed to fit into your day to day life. You'll find all sorts of shapes and style of bike here with attention to the smallest details to simplify and excite you on your daily journey. Not just for the city.


As you know we’re all about making great bikes for all types of riding by all types of folk, so it was logical for us to widen our offering and make it even more inclusive. Narrower bars, shorter stems and a true womens saddle mean the days of buying a bike and throwing these parts in the bin are over. Thoughtfully specced and versatile bikes, let the adventure begin.


Proper bikes for youger riders. Capable and eye catching models to meet the needs of the next riding generation. Frame design and durablilty are all carefully considered, so we've created the kind of bikes we wish we had when we were kids!