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At Genesis we love all sorts of bikes, so odds-on the bikes you love to ride are the ones we enjoy bringing to life. We aren’t the biggest brand or perhaps the coolest, we don’t spend the most on marketing and definitely haven’t been around the longest, we aren’t at the pointy end of the latest fad and don’t take ourselves too seriously either… but what we are serious about is delivering an ever-broader range full of only really good bikes.

We’re honest about what we make and where we make it, we’re proud to create bikes that work well and meet a need perfectly, we love bikes that are built properly and last like they’re meant to and we like our bikes to look good too.

We sweat every detail on every bike (day and night, on the way to work, at weekends, on the way home) until it’s right. Genesis bikes – thought out, practical, beautiful, functional bikes built to last by a brand that cares if you like it or not.

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