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2016 Longitude

Longitude was the surprise trump card in the pack for last years’ range. As a brand new model (alongside the Tour de Fer) we were cautious of how well they’d be received and undercooked the numbers, selling out too early in the season. Apologies for those we disappointed. What it did show was that there was a healthy number of you out there looking for that versatile bike to take yo..

July 7th, 2015

'Un-gravelling' the new Datum

“I thought all road bikes were gravel road bikes? I’ve been riding my bikes on gravel and more accurately—unpaved dirt roads and trails—for decades.” Tom Ritchey   Datum is our second carbon-framed model, following hot on the heels of the Zero with the traditional Genesis unconventional twist. Using our longstanding Equilibrium geometry as the star..

June 28th, 2015





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