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Long term test: Genesis Caribou - n+1?

By Bryan Singleton We have all come across the ‘how many bikes do you need’ formula (n+1). And often I have heard it used in the same sentence as fat bikes along with comments such as ‘they are only for those who have everything’ or ‘we do not get enough snow in the UK’ etc. In 2015 Genesis Bikes sponsored our Kielder 101 event and a Caribou fat bike ..

April 6th, 2016

Laura Bingham's South American Journey

Natural born adventurer, Laura Bingham (22) is taking on a South American adventure of epic proportions aboard her trusty Croix de Fer. As a social experiment, Laura and adventure partner Cho are traveling some 7500km across the continent without a penny between them to see first-hand the kindness of strangers. The journey will take them from Manta in Ecuador to Buenos Aires in Argentina and sh..

January 19th, 2016





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